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About Les Tartelettes Dubai

Looking for something delicate and unique? Try our French tartelettes! Our chef uses only the highest quality ingredients and each one is made by hand. You won't find anything like them anywhere else in Dubaï

Made with high quality ingredients and a French chef's touch, our cake in Jar and our Lunch Box offer are sure to please. And they're all home made! So come on down and try something new today

When you bite into a delicate, gourmand cake created by a French chef using only the finest selected ingredients, you're experiencing something truly special. We take care to create cakes that will share great moments and evoke happy memories

You have a special event to celebrate, we are here to make it even more special. We are happy to bring joy and exceptional culinary experience with out catering offer or by preparing a cake just like you love !

Love for the French Cuisine

Simon or SimSim as his friends call him, is a journalist by profession, passionated about culture, art and history. His passion for the french cuisine started with writing articles and sharing the history of recipes and fruits. French Pastries Chef since 2019 Simon loves sharing the beauty of the French cuisine. “Behind each dish, each smell, each fruit there is a story and every flavor offers emotions that we keep in memory with us. At Les Tartelettes Dubaï, I invite people to enjoy their food, not just eat it, says Simon. »